GPU temp effect my CPU HSF?

Ok I have done some testing and When I stress my GPU it speeds up my CPU HSF as well (by more then 50% or max speed.) What is going on here? CPU temps are close to idle +5c or so. the increase in RPM of my CPU HSF seems directly related to the heat of my GPU. I tested to make sure the reading was for my CPU by changing the speed in bios, and it changes for me. Anyone have any ideas what is going on? I do not think it is hurting anything but I am always curious.
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  1. How is your case ventilation, airflow, and cooling? Could be temperature build-up inside the case.
  2. Not the best, but I can run prime 95 by itself for hours and the fan speed will stay at 3300, it goes high everytime my GPU gets hot and my GPU fans speed up, really odd.

    ~50 cfm out
    ~20 CFM in
    And a side vent near Graphics Card.
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