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My desktop crashed due to malware. Both hard drives missing. Tried XP reinstall and it hangs at 39 minutes left. From there nothing is possible. Cannot go anywhere except a resume of install at same point. I can access the BIOS information.

Can I make an xp emergency boot disk on my Vista laptop for use on the XP desktop and will that work?
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    XP setup hanging won't be cured with an XP boot disk, because that's what you already have. Check the disk you are using to make sure it's not scratched or smudged, may be something going on with the hard-drive also.

    If you have all of your files backed up, you should try to do a full format during setup of XP, and then install it.

    If you don't have any backups, buy a new hard-drive and use that for a clean setup.
  2. Thanks. This a computer used for puzzles, games and general fooling around where I don't want to chance picking up a virus on my laptop. No critical files on it. However, I cannot get to a command prompt that will allow formatting, which I had considered trying. What am I missing that can get me where I can format?

    When the primary HD got corrupted I swapped the secondary HD to primary. Then both were "lost."
  3. When you boot off the XP setup disk, you will have an option to delete the partition and format it. Do a full format not a quick one.
  4. I'll try it again.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. After much effort switching out drives and many reboots, I finally was able to load my main hard drive. Following that I then formatted my slave drive. All is well. AgainThanks!
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