Working, Then no POST no beep, Code FF

So I am on my second EVGA 780i, first was RMA because of a bad PCI-E slot. I put my new board in and everything worked perfectly well for 2 days, no problems. Recently, I shut XP down manually and when I came back later to turn on my computer, I got no POST no beep and the mobo jumped directly to code FF. Every time I turn it on now I get the same thing. Absolutely no changes were made to my working system, no BIOS changes no overclocking, nothing. It just stopped working.

I reset the CMOS and I am going to have to play musical chairs with graphics cards I suppose, but really, why would this happen out of nowhere and what should I do?? I am almost ready for a second RMA on the 780i!!! I am losing faith in EVGA.

EVGA 780i SLI mobo
Intel QX 9650 Extreme
4x2 gb ddr2 1066 GSkill
Thermaltake 760 water cooler
x2 EVGA 8800 gt superclocked
Antec 850watt PSU
Antec 900 case
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  1. It's not EVGA it's nVidia. People come to this board and think we are ATI fanboys.... No, nVidia has good graphics cards. It's their chipsets that suck.

    Fortunately, they seem to be about to abandon SLI to Intel.
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