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I have a new Acer 22 Wide screen. I have updated the drivers. I was using a flat screen 17" and i have Vista. On the screen here, either in firefox or Internet Explorer, the top part where the address bar, File, edit, view,etc and even above the web page, the tabs i have opened, all is tiny. Is this feature to save on viewing space? Or do i have my settings wrong? When i view the webpage and then look at address bar, my eyes have to refocus and after some time i feel like I'm getting a headache. One more description. For example, if i miss spell a word and move cursor on top of word, right click, then a dialog box opens,(here is the problem) the info in the box is tiny. I would think, with a big view screen, the dialog box would be larger and the font inside as well. Hope this makes sense. Thanks
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  1. What's the native resolution of your monitor and did you change your settings to match that resolution?
  2. Not sure what the native setting is, but 1680 X 1050 is what's written on the box. And yes i have changed it a couple of times to try and adjust what i'm viewing. I have the DPI set at 120 %.
  3. The resolution has to be set to the native 1680 x 1050 which, on a 22" monitor, isn't that small. My laptop is set to that resolution on a 15.4" screen and that's too small.

    What was the resolution on your 17" monitor?
  4. I don't remember the 17" setting. I changed it back, but the toorbar fonts are so tiny, even the drop down menu's in favorites.
  5. What's the model number of that Acer monitor? I have a Samsung SyncMaster 226cw at 1650 x 1050 and it's fine, as long as I wear my glasses...
  6. X223W, why glasses?
  7. Two things you can do,
    With the mouse at the toolbar right click and select large icons.
    Also right click the desktop
    In Vista hit personalize and on left adjust the DPI
    In XP I think it is under your video card settings.
  8. Did you try View? Upper left between Edit and Favorites. Left click,come down to text size > , set mouse on will bring up 5 font sizes largest to smallest.
  9. Black Bart, according to your profile, you were born on 01/01/1682, therefore you probably need glasses

    Seriously, a quality 22" monitor at a resolution of 1680 x 1050 should be easy to read if properly adjusted.
  10. Black Bart was a pirate from 1682. I'm going to call Acer Monday. I tried today, no luck. Thanks
  11. Can sharpness be adjusted on your Acer monitor? When sharpness is set too high, characters are very thin and that makes them difficult to read.
  12. No, i couldn't find any thing to adjust sharpness. I guess this is the way it is supposed to be. Even though the text in drop down menu's are very tiny, then when i adjust dpi, my system tray items look wierd. At least i can zoom in or out on web pages, it's just the text in drop down menu's never adjust, no matter how big i zoom the webpage view. Oh well.
  13. There should be a sharpness setting, but it might be called something else by Acer. What model is your monitor?
  14. X223W
  15. It looks like the X223W doesn't provide that adjustment.
  16. Thanks. I guess i could go with the lowest setting(resolution), maybe that would increase toolbar font. Oh well. Glad i can zoom in and out of the web page.
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