System specs: Windows 7 Pro 64, Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 Motherboard, LSI SAS 9212 RAID Controller. 1-150 GB Raptor Main Drive, 4-2TB WD 6GBs Hard Drives set to RAID 0.

Problem: This is a new system with all new hardware. I'm tring to configure 4-2TB Drives in a RAID 0. LSI Controller sees drives and configures them without problems. The main drive is not in the RAID and connected to a controller on the MB. Main Drive also has the OS on it. Computer boots ok. Windows Disk Mangement also sees the drives. Problem is that the new drive (4-2TB RAID0) will not format. Get this message "The format did not complete successfully". Could the LSI Controller by incompatible or does Windows 7 have problems with large drives? Or am I missing something here?
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  1. I haven't personally tried formatting a volume that large - but I can tell you that it will only work if you use a GUID partition. Did you get the choice of an MBR vs. GUID partition, and did you choose GUID?
  2. Yes, using GUID (GPT). Gigabyte support wasn't much help. Took a week to get a reply. They said to ask LSI if the controller has been tested with X58 Chipset. Called LSI and created a ticket. May get to talk with a level 2 tech tomorrow to see what can be done. Do you know of any hard drive utility that might be used to format with?
  3. You could try booting from the Windows 7 install disk and choosing the "Custom" installation option. If you tell the installation procedure to create a partition on the drive and to install windows there, it will format the partition. There's no need to actually install Windows on it - you can abort the installation once the format is done.

    The installation environment is a lot more bare-bones than a full running Windows system, so there's a small chance it might work better. If you want to try that then it might be prudent to disconnect all the other drives so as to prevent any nasty accidents (like formatting the wrong drive!)
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