No POST on GA-MA790X-DS4 and X3 710

Hey folks, I'm totally out of solutions and looking for some help.

I built a new system with the GA-MA790X-DS4 mb and the Phenom 2 710 and can not get the system to POST at all, no beeps or video. I flashed the BIOS to the newest version, F6, which is suppose to support the new AMD proc. The new components going into the system are:

AMD X3 710 CPU
GA-MA790X-DS4 mb
2x2Gb G.Skill DDR2 800 RAM
MSI R4850 512Mb Video card

Here is what I've tried"

1. Put 710 in another MB, a Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4, and the system POSTed no problem. Same power supply on both systems. (moving the two motherboards in and out of the case)
2. Put an old X2 3800 proc in the new MA790X MB and it POSTed no issues.
3. With the 710 in the new MB, switched out the video card I was using, MSI 4850, for a 7600GT and still no boot up.
4. Tried the new 4850 video card in old system (GA-M57SLI-S4 and X2 3800) and it booted no problem.
5. Removed one G.Skill stick in new system and no boot. Tried one stick in another socket, no boot. Tried a 1Gb Corsair DDR2 667 stick in new system and no boot.

Help! Any ideas or something I'm missing?

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  1. Let me start with what may sound like a dumb question, but it resurfaces over and over that people expect the diagnostic beeps to come from the sound system hooked up to their audio chip... Do you have a case speaker attached to the front panel header?
  2. Bilbat: It does, it beebs when I put the other older processor in. No question stupid enough, trust me. A little update:

    Tried clearing the CMOS and no luck.

    I then tried the next to latest BIOS revision, F5, and lo and behold, the system booted up all the way. However, the BIOS did not recognize the processor (which makes sense because Gigabyte's site says that version doesn't support the new AM3 CPUs). I then flashed back to F6 and again, no POST or anything. So I'm alittle confused and leary. The F6 BIOS has been out since last year, so I can't believe it just doesn't work. On the other hand, I don't want to leave my system with an "unsupported" BIOS rev.

    Ugh :-) Any thoughts on how to get this board working correctly?
  3. I haven't got your manual handy, and the Apple IIe (w/a whole 16K of RAM) that GB seems to host their web-site on is being recalcitrant right now, & won't let me DL, so I'm not positive of exaxctly what it does, or calls it, but have you done a 'load optimized defaults' or 'load defaults' first thing after flashing new BIOS? This is usually required to intialized the BIOS' boot block...
  4. I haven' soon as the new BIOS is in, it won't POST. I can keep the new BIOS, put in the old CPU, then load optimized defaults. But would that put information from the X2 3800 in there?
  5. I believe you're right - it will 'read' the CPU and adjust accordingly, but that may be good enough to boot the new CPU, too, just so you can get at it; that's why I also suggest doing the 'basic' defaults load - one or the other may get you going... I've never even tried booting after a flash without doing the load, but my assumption, from reading, is that it's a required step, as I believe the boot block of a freshly burned BIOS is empty - no parameters.
  6. So I put in the 3800, loaded default values and saved, then put the 710 back in and still no POST. When I flashed to the F5 BIOS i didn't load anything (though you are totally right, I need to) and it booted up.
  7. Conclusion to my little problem. I couldn't get the GA-MA790X-DS4 to POST with the X3 710 and the F6 BIOS no matter what I did. It's been 3 and a half days and I haven't heard anything from Gigabytes tech support, which kind of annoys me. I went and got another board, another Gigabyte ironically, a MA790X-UD4, and the system booted up perfectly. I'll be returning the DS4 board here shortly. The UD4 is very similar, except for a couple notable differences:
    1. Upgraded southbridge S750 vs 600
    2. Heat pipe cooling for the northbridge as opposed to just a heatsink
    3. No serial port (I'm one of those folks who still needs one so I got an add in card)
    4. Works with my CPU

    Thanks for all the help.
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