Vertical Sync, and Aiming in FPS games, Changes?

Well I turned on v-sync in Left 4 dead, counter strike and source, and my aiming seemed to have changed. It felt very weird, like a little lagged....

Has any1 ever experienced this?

Its not in every game, mostly valve's games.

I hope ppl understand what I mean about the aim, it just feels off compared to when I let the fps go as they wish.
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  1. I play Cs 1.6 and am used to playing @ 100fps limited by the game. I noticed the lagging when i turn on v-sync, too. but this is the only game i can tell the difference cz i dont play anything else for so many years.
  2. Not just regular lag, Mouse lag, it feels like when I'm aimin that its half a second offf.

    Its when ever th frames are v-synced or capped. I turned it off, and I can finally play regular Counter strike with out the delay in the mouse.
  3. console games are usually like that -_- yuck
  4. L1qu1d whats the point of that system if its a CS:S computer its like buying a Lamborghini to never driver over 10 MPH
  5. its a normal bi-product of vsync unfortunately.
  6. try "m_filter 1"...
  7. Uh, valve makes amazing games... and they still look ok... and they are highly optimized... What makes that bad? So what if he wants to play a source game?
  8. 2fast4you, the reason of that pc is "enthusiasm". Whats the point of buying a lambo when you 'll never go @ 350km/h? And dont tell me that those who buy them do go over 300km/h cz they are only a few... And thats because the people who have the money for such things, might not like the same "games" in this case as you do, but are still enthusiasts like you and me. And i dont see how your post/comment helps the thread or forums move forward.

    Wheresmycar: i tried m_filter 1 in cs 1.6 but didnt really notice any change. Anyway i dont see how v-sync helps in any way in my gaming so it will just stay of for me.

    OP: just saw your rigs spec, Nice work there.

  9. sorry for my ignorance did not mean to sound like an idiot, i guess i was just a little jealous of his system and hes worried about CS:S.

    I am sincerely sorry L1qu1d.

  10. Don't worry about it, insults don't anger me, just false information:P

    I bought it for my dad's tv and yes I'm an enthusiast.

    I play Crysis sandbox now that I can:P.

    V sync doesn't help my aim, but when I turn it off, it finally feels like I'm playing properly, I only noticed it in left 4 dead and cs 1. Honestly with it on in those 2 games, its like lightning, you see the flash but the sound comes after.

    Thank you for the compliments though:)

    Check out my site when its done

    send me any rigs you want to be displayed on it.

    And again thnx for the help, you guys always know what to say:)
  11. same thing happen with Dead Space when it hit PC's with the games V-sync on it had terrible mouse lag... Then if you turned it off it was fine. To fix the problem I went in to the the Graphic cards control panel (nvidia card) and forced V-sync on for Dead Space and left it off in game.
  12. yup, :)

    I was scared because I use to rock in 1.6, and when I switched over from my old custom PC (when i had an ATI card instead of Nvidia) I forgot that it was disabled, and I found out by accident.

    I was am I really that bad at aiming in the bloody game now???
  13. i cant live without vsync-on. i need constant 60fps when im playing a game (albeit crysis). ati has a silly driver that cant lock games to 60fps (nba2k9, devil may cry4, esIV) but my 9600gt did it without breaking sweat at all (although one of its transistors blew up lol).
  14. It's a driver issue, if we talk about ATI video cards. I use a HD3850 and I have a ticket opened at ATI's customer care web page since july 26th. After a long list of replies and a lot of time waiting, their last "solution", dated december 15:

    I got an update from our enginnering team. This is what they've said.

    "On XP, driver uses hardware flip method which will cause graphic engine wait for VSync. This waiting cause graphic engine to be busy. But it's not an issue, it is caused by flip method that is chosen."

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