Looking for a sound card better than my onboard sound

I want to get a cheap but decent sound card that is better than the onboard sound of my XFX 680i LT mobo.

I was looking that Creative card


Since it is rather old, I dont know if its going to be a huge improvement. Not set on that, just an example and am open to all suggestions.

I am really just looking for a good gaming card for sound and mic, since my onboard is terrible with the mic. I play COD4 and other FPS's.

I nice headset to go with it would be great too if anyone has any ideas.

Would like to keep a headset + sound card around 100 bucks.

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  1. Disclaimer: I hate Creative

    I would recommend the ASUS Xonar D1 as a cheap option. Other options include the ASUS Xonar D2/D2x and the Razer Barracuda.

    Creative simply has too many driver issues for me to recommend them, period.
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