Palit -- Just a Cheap & unreliable brand??

I want to buy 4870 1GB and only Palit & MSI is available in my region.

I have shortlisted Palit as the reviews have been very positive on all websites as well dual fan keeps the Temp. upto 15C cooler and I love that.

Now, when I turned to the shops today to buy GPU, most vendors said Palit is just an cheapstake/no name brand and they don’t stock it (I know its not true) ! But still if I want they can order it.

MSI was available, but I don’t prefer the blower-style sink in reference design + I have heard MSI 4870 Fan makes more noise than other brands, is it really true ? ?

Also, in order to do sum more research, I tried to check out newegg, tigerdirect etc.. and to my surprise there’s hardly any PALIT GPU’s available and 4870 is totally removed along with user opinions….
What’s going on ?
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  1. the people who told you Palit are no-name cheap cards are morons craige. Pailt aka Gainward has been around a while and always have had good products.
    as far as availability, couldnt tell ya. i am guessing they get bought up fairly fast. they have a good reputation.
  2. Hahaha, that is ironic actually because Palit owns Gainward who makes some of the best cards out there. Palit isn't a new company but they have just recently started going balls out and competing with the big names in the US. I think it is Europe and Asia where they are one of the top sellers.

    I haven't owned a Palit GPU before but I hear nothing but great things about them.

    Is that Palit card a Sonic edition?
  3. Too late but they are very good and oc well and have good cooling and just look at the palit super jetsream cooler...
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