Phenom II 955 BE Overclock Settings

I've googled and browsed across forums quite a bit and I'm fairly comfortable with setting the bus frequency and multiplier for my 955 BE as well as playing with the voltages, but I had some other questions that I didn't really find exact answers to so I was hoping for some assistance.

I wanted to start with a mild overclock to say 3.5Ghz for my 955 processor.

Motherboard: Asus M4A79XTD EVO
Processor: Phenom II X4 955 BE
Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws 4GB (2x2) DDR3 1600 8-8-8-24
CPU Cooler: Corsair H50

So in the bios, I changed the following:

CPU Bus Frequency: 250
CPU Ratio: x14.0
CPU Voltage: 1.3500 (Which I believe was the stock voltage)

RAM Frequency:Well, I had to set it at 1333 because the only two other options were like 1666 or 2000 and I felt those were way too high for my RAM.

Now, pretty much everything else I left set to 'Auto' because I wasn't sure if I should change it, and what I should change it to. I also wasn't sure if leaving it to 'Auto' was bad because it might scale something way up over what it should be, like the Northbridge Voltage. (Everest seems to show the NB voltage being the same as before the OC at 1.3750 but I'm not sure if that's even an accurate number?

I guess my main questions are, what other settings do I need to change, and is it okay to leave stuff on 'Auto' if I want to keep them at default? Also, can I try to tighten my RAM timings since I'm using the lower RAM frequency? Or should I try to use the slightly higher than 1600 frequency?

My temps for the 3.5 OC seem to be 47c - 48c under Prime95 load after about 15 minutes. Was idling around 34c - 35c

Here's some screenies of my bios settings for the OC.

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  1. Hi, read this is the process to OC the X4 955.

    Also this can help you.

    I also have a X4 955, rise the multiplier 'till x16, with that you can get 3.6GHz at stock voltage. Run prime95 for at least 1 hour, after that, start to OC in little steps like that articles says.
  2. In following some of the notes in those articles, I've made some changes. I've tested these settings quickly for about 30 minutes in Prime95 Blend Test with no crashes..

    FSB: 240
    Multiplier: x15.0
    Core Speed: 3600
    CPU Voltage: 1.4000 (increased in increments from the stock voltage, 1.4000v was the only one that has lasted anything past 5 minutes in Prime95)

    Also, I was able to select the 1600Mhz RAM Frequency again.

    So far, my temps are as follows:

    Idle: 34c - 35c
    Load: 50c - 51c

    As before, I left every other settings on 'Auto' and I didn't play around with NB voltages and such. Following what I've done here, should I be able to push further to 3.8Ghz relatively easily? My temps seem pretty solid and I'm just shy already of the 1.5000v I've seen recommended for 3.8Ghz on this processor.

    I will say I thought it was odd I was able to get 3.5Ghz on stock vcore but trying to get it to 3.6Ghz I had to increase it to 1.4000 and it still may not be stable enough after I run an overnight test.
  3. Well the 3.8GHz at stock voltage should be easily to get with only rise the multiplier, now, that depends of the mobo, I have a K9A2 Platinum with my X4 955 and I can get the 3.8GHz at stock voltage without problems, other users need rise the voltage to get the 3.8GHz in others mobos.
  4. Not sure if there's a difference, but I'm OC'ing increasing my FSB and adjusting the multiplier as opposed to keeping the FSB at 200 and increasing just the multiplier.
  5. Well, just make you sure that you HT link is at 2000 or less.
  6. Alright cool, I decided to go simple with this and stop playing w/ the bus speed.

    Kept it at 200 x 18 multiplier for 3600

    set northbridge frequency to 2400

    set core voltage to 1.4500

    set nb voltage to 1.2550ish

    3 hours prime 95 stable w/ max temp of 54 in a very warm room.

    i expect it to realistically be closer to 50-51 once i get my new fans in the case

    thx for the help and links, I think I have an understanding of the AMD overclocking process more now
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