Converting to RAID 0

I have a HDD with all my data on it...its a 1TB Hitachi. If i wanted to turn it into a RAID array.....can i just add another hard drive, create the array and not lose my data?

How do i turn a 1tb drive with data on it into the array without losing my data?

Also, can i mix and match 1tb drives? do they need to have the same rpm/cache?
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    Almost definitely, you would need to reformat your drive. It really depends on the controller. It's worth backing up anyways - once you go to RAID 0, you double your chance of losing data due to disk failure.

    RPM/cache doesn't matter, that I've ever heard of.
  2. One tip: before you start messing with RAID, read about backups and how to properly use them. If you start the RAID adventure without proper backup; it will bite you sometime in your life.
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