My e8400 temps...

Hey guys, I was just wondering if my e8400 is running hotter then it should be...

I want to get this thing 24/7 4ghz but my temperatures are getting a little high.

I'm using an OCZ Vendetta 2 cooler in a CM Centurion 5 case.

Is this cpu running hotter then it should be?

Any tips?
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  3. CPU temps seem a little high but I would be more concerned about the temperature of the graphics card. 83C min temperature cannot be good for it at all...
  4. At first I thought your CPU temp was a bit higher than it should be, as my e8400 @3.6 only reaches 52C while stress testing with Prime95. However, after downloading and running IntelBurnTest, I see that my chip hits 59C with that stress test. So there is very little difference between the two, and that difference could be the fact that your CPU's core voltage is higher than mine.

    I noticed the same thing as moody89 as well. Your GPU temp is much worse than the CPU.
  5. I have a 4850 from the first ish wave with the bad coolers so the gpu's heat isn't a problem. I want to get this e8400 to 4ghz and I feel ripped off that my cooler can't do it.
  6. Yeah, if it was my chip I don't think I would push it any further with those temps. I don't know how much higher it can safely go, even though the TJ Max is 100C. I feel your pain about not getting to 4GHz. My motherboard (P35-Ds3l) is extremely unstable at anything over 400MHz bus speed, so I'm stuck at 3.6 as well..
  7. Max recommended vcore is 1.3625 volts. Recommended max temp is 74 C. So keep your load temps under 70 C and you're good.

    GPU's, both nVidia and ATI, run hotter.
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