Does my Gigabyte Mobo take 4GB of Memory

Hi there

I have a Gigabyte GA N680SLI DQ6 motherboard with 2 sticks of of Corsair CM2X1024-6400C4 Ram (4-4-4-12 800 mhz).

I would like to add another 2 sticks as above to give me 4GB of Ram.

Question is, can I utilise all slots?(there are 4 slots (2 of each colour). Is there anything in particular I need to do or just put the sticks in and turn the machine on!

The reason I want 4Gb is that Im upgrading for Empire Total War , can't wait! :pt1cable:

Thanks guys!
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  1. Yes, Your Motherboard supports up to 8Gb of RAM.
    If you want to reuse your existing RAM, it would be best to purchase a new set that has the same timings and recommended voltage as your current set (see the sticker on one of your current sticks).
  2. Cheers Outlaw. Thx
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