Rampage Extreme 505 + q9650 + g.skill 2x1 gb + asus 4870 + water cooling

I read a lot of and see my mobo is a able to run upper 2000 mhz fsb.
My maximum is 1920 MHz fsb. How to overclock my system.4ghz 9x445 about 30-40 celsius is normal?
Water cooled cpu chipset,vga is stock.When 2000 fsb is coming systam going instable 1945 mhz fsb. I try to do fsb voltage growing but not really happend 1945 mhz fsb blue death XD 1936 mhz fsb work fine
I use this setup: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/250738-11-sharing-q9650-overclocking-rampage-extreme
My system default:
My best scores with water cooling:
cpu - http://yfrog.com/escpu4j
cpu vga-->(780/910) http://yfrog.com/08c2q4320mhzvga780910j

Cheers Dani
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  1. if your asking is 30-40 degrees a good temp for idle, then it is.
  2. 197x+++ fsb bios not loading black screen only i dont know how do 2000+ fsb maybe bios upgrade.(i try fsb frequency voltage upping max 1.40 V)
    I need only how can change to fsb 2000+.
    rampage able to 2400-2500 fsb.
    thanks XD
  3. You are not understanding the whole overclocking process. As soon as you overclock anything you enter uncharted waters. Maybe the various products will work, maybe not. Because you are overclocking, none of the parts you use are guaranteed to work at those speeds. What happens is the weakest component will cause your system to become unstable. Might be the motherboard, might be the cpu, might be the RAM, might be the graphics card, etc...

    ...and there really is no way of knowing which part is the problem unless you have access to lots of the same product to try over and over. You dont know if you were lucky and got the magic part, or if you got the worst part.

    Personally I have found RAM to be highly suspect when overclocked. I have never met the overclocked speed ratings listed on RAM - and when I have called for support I am told its always MY motherboard - right...I have RMA'd them and that RAM doesnt make it to its listd speeds. Now Im sure some have reached their RAM's posted spec's - again its the luck of the draw.

    I think you have done pretty well to get where you are now.
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