ASUS M2N68-LA BIOS problem

Hello all,

Just bought an HP DX2450 computer, with Asus M2N68-LA motherboard, and downgraded from vista to XP Pro.
The problem happened after intalling the drivers downloaded from HP website, the BIOS system update just messed up the whole thing, now it get stuck in the POST and I don't know what to do. :ouch:
Can anyone help me please?

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  1. Did it come with a recovery CD?
  2. Does anyone know how can i get a copy of the bios file so i can flash it to restore?
  3. stupid that u didn't make a recoverydisk your self as it said in the manual
  4. It's not a matter of being stupid johanb91. :pfff:
    We do not want vista, and also does not matter having the recovery dvds as it JUST restore the OS not the BIOS.
    If you read the threat from the beginning you know the problem was caused by a wrong .exe file provided by HP.
    Make sure that you understand the situation + what's the threat is about before call someone 'stupid', it is not nice and that is NOT the aim of the forum.
  5. Annon. think before you type. recovery CD's have nothing to do with the BIOS. That being said, I have the same issue My computer was on as it always is (I never shutdown) and I was using it just before watching a movie. I got done with the movie and came over to wake the screen up and it was stuck on the BIOS screen. I tried resetting the system but again got stuck in the BIOS. Now after total troubleshooting (I am an A+ Profwssional) nothing is geting me out of the BIOS. After talking and argueing with the uselessTech support at HP I finally dug out and old system and jumped online and find that several of us are having the same issue. This is obviously a bad update issue which is why when I came back to my system it had obviously restarted for the update to complete and hence we are having this issue.
  6. Here guys and gals:

    I bought a HP with this motherboard in it at a disgusting discount price because of an no video problem.

    I have been researching fixes for this mb and ran across a lot of people with this problem and at the same time ran into a fix as well.

    Check out this forum, I am sure you will be happy with your out come.

    A fix for the bad flash for the M2N68-LA or HP NARA what ever...
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