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hi every one got my first liquid system up and running. i just wanted to make sure my temps were looking good. i have a amd phenom 2 720 be oced to 3.52 with a voltage of 1.488. my temps lowest temp was 19 c my idle is 22 according to core temp and my temp with a half hour of prime 95 load is 32c. i used some ao5 for the xt and cpu if anyone sees anything wrong or has any suggestions let me know please. oh yeah any one know how to quit 3 yate loon high speed fans on the cheap.
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    Temps look fine. Whats you room ambient temps?

    Jabtech has the best price on Yate Loons.
  2. i already have yate loon fans on the rad witch is a switftech i just need to make them quiter they sound like a hurricane
  3. Get a fan controller from Jabtech. $14.

    Don't know what Yates you have, but are they 38mm thick?

    Yates aren't known for being loud.

    And please, please check your typing. It's pretty hard to read sometimes. Maybe a bit of spelling check, caps in the right places, and grammar.
  4. lol sorry about that. i have the high speed ones and i 'am not sure if it is the fans or the sound of the wind going threw the rad but i have the fans blowing cool air into the rad and no fans sucking air out would my temps improve if i stuck some slower fans on the back of it
  5. Push/pull should be the same fans.

    The Yate Loon 25x 120 mm are kinda loud, look at the fan controller to turn the fans down.
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