AM2+ processors in AM2 motherboards?

I've searched for an answer to this, but I've found conflicting reports. I have a motherboard with an AM2 socket. According to the Asus website, it supports Phenom X4 and other AM2+ processors. How will an AM2+ processor work in an AM2 board? Will it be slower or not use all the cores? How does it work?
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  1. slightly slower whats your HT @? 2? 3?
  2. What do you mean HT? The motherboard is an Asus M2N-E, and the perspective processor is the Phenom 9600. How much slower would it be?
  3. "Support AMD® Socket AM2+/ AM2 Phenom FX(2000MT/s)/Phenom(2000MT/s)/"

    i would not put a phenom in that board. well a phenom that usually wants 3600mt/s
  4. On an AM2 board the hypertransport runs at 2GHz (thus 32Gbit/Sec - 16 bit wide)...

    This is basically just about the same bandwidth as a single PCI express 16x slot - so using a AM2+ chip in a AM2 motherboard can only really show any performance issues if you are using more than 16x of PCI express - ie using a SLI setup...

    If you have a single gfx card - you will see NO performance issues with using an AM2+ chip in an AM" motherboard...

    Just go for it
  5. AM2 MBs do not support any of the new features that make the Phenoms shine. And by any I mean any. Im sure we will see some benchmarks soon as there are tons of AM2 users buying the P2s.
  6. I've got some conflicting reports here. It won't work, it'll kinda work, and it'll work great. The Asus website says the board officially supports the first generation of Phenom processors. I'm only using one 8600GT graphics card. Are there any other opinions or evidence supporting either side?
  7. it will work, i had a phenom 1 in a am2 board, i just sold it to my brother, it worked like crap in games, put a dual core @ 2.7 in it over a phenom 9500 @ 2.2 and it doubled my fps in games
  8. Just installed P2 940 (or "Unknown processor model" according to BIOS) on my M2N-SLI Deluxe.

    Didn't bother with much benchmarks but here's a little something anyway: My now replaced X2 5000+ BE (stock clocks, RAM 800MHz: 5-5-5-x-2T as I reset my bios settings before installing P2). P2 940 (stock clocks, RAM: 800MHz 4-4-4-12-2T ganged, also haven't overclocked or finetuned anything as I just installed the CPU).

    And CPU-Z shots if anybody's interested:
  9. qpok post some wprime scores. In my M2A-VM with P2 I had to set memory mode to Ganged and CnQ disabled to have good performance.
  10. GNR said:
    qpok post some wprime scores. In my M2A-VM with P2 I had to set memory mode to Ganged and CnQ disabled to have good performance.

    Well there's my wPrime score (0 errors). Same settings as above.
  11. wowowow i have a 7750x2 be in my computer and it takes like 1.4vcore to get 3.0ghz and your at 1.216vcore :( :( :(
  12. qpok your scores are fine. good upgrade.
  13. I have a similar question. Will an Athlon 64 x2 5600+ processor AM2+ work on a AM2 mobo? My current CPU is a 3800+. The 5600+ uses 65w and I understand my Foxconn mobo supports a max 89w. My computer is the, you guessed it, an Acer T-180. I'm looking for little more speed and I found this CPU for $50.00. I wanted to make sure it works before I commit.

    In short, is AM2+ CPU's compatible with an AM2 mobos?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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