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hi guys :D i just want to learn more about raid on hard drives if its good in gaming etc etc .... here's some of my question about raid

1.) does the loading of my game makes faster??

2.)do i need a board compatible for raiding the HD or any board???

3.)what are the steps in bios to set up my mobo to read raid hd

that's all guys if you have addition to my question then post it and i hope this thread will help the other people to make there hard drive faster .... Thanks :D :D :D :D
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    I assume you're talking about RAID 0. Answers:

    1) Little impact on gaming. Your loading times will improve a bit, but not much. You can improve your gaming experience investing in more RAM (get at least 4Gb-6Gb, depending on your system, plus Windows 64).

    2) You need 2 identical HDs and a mobo with RAID. Most mobos have RAID today, though.

    3) Read the manual of your mobo. You'll find everything there.
  2. You can use more than 2 drives in raid 0 but the speed increase by adding more drives gets smaller and smaller. Plus you increase the risk of losing all your data if a drive fails.

    galta is right with the rest of the answers.
  3. ok thanks for your info guys ^_^
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