I5 Temps with h50

i have my i5 stable 4ghz with 1.21 vcore in bios, 1.24 in cpuz.
i was wondering if temps at around 40-45 idle is right? thanks

h50 cooler
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  1. Yes temps around 40c Idle are very good for that OC.

    What are load temps ?
  2. First off, nice cpu and grats on the overclock.

    Yes, your temps seem fine for the h50 while it is on idle...we will need to see some load temps though. Try stressing it with prime 95 for a couple of hours and see how hot it will get.
  3. um my load temps are hovering around 70-73
  4. Those are fine temps. Your good. ;)
  5. ahk thx:)
  6. Is it stable with stress test Prime95?
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