Nas Server with USB connectivity to PC

I'm looking for a NAS Server (with 2 SATA bays or more) that, besides its ethernet connection, may also connect to the PC via USB (as a mass storage device).

Most NAS server have usb connection but only to add more devices to its storage capacity.

Why you may ask... I want to use it as a NAS server, connected to my house network, but also directly to my LED TV (which has media player software and a USB port for mass storage such as pen drives or ext.drives and, hopefully, this NAS server).

Can you help me?
Thanks in advance
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  1. There is no prebuilt NAS device that I've seen that uses USB for anything other than storage expansion.
  2. I am with Chunky, I haven't seen such a NAS. Most NAS 'OSes' might not show the device as a mass storage device, but actually, look for other mass storage devices.
  3. Actually this one might do the trick.. It has a 500GB(max) dedicated folder for USB access.. It's a pitty it doesn't allow full access to all the storage in the NAS..
  4. I think the WorldBook's from Western Digital can do this too.
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