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I have two soundcards (one onboard, the other SB Audigy) and a headset in a system with Windows XP. Is it possible to get audio (voip and streaming or music) from two soundcards at the same time? I want to hear one from left and the other from right. Is there a solution for that?
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  1. There is no way to allow for 2 sound cards to do the same job or different jobs through 1 headset.

    there is how ever an abbility to allow for the 2 cards to be utilized at the same time, although u will need 2 sets of speakers or 1 speaker system and headset, or 2 seperate headsets.
  2. I'm pretty sure that running a dedicated sound card + onboard sound will cause issues at some point. I'd just tell you to run both your music and voip software with different sound volumes (ie music less loud so you hear voices) and be done with it. Alternatively, focus on one task at a time :P
  3. Thanks for the replies,
    I tried two different headsets and there were no problems. Then I thought if I splitted cables of headset into two and used two jacks for sound cards (instead of one jack), maybe it would work. I think I will need to search for another solution, perhaps a software one :)
  4. I run 2 sound card pretty much like you. One onboard and a Create X-Fi without any problems. I have a headset plugged into one and my speaker set plugged into the other.

    All I do is change the windows default sound card to change what comes out what and when.

    Also what I do is I know that when I play games (WoW for example) I can specify in the applications settings what sound card to use, so I set WoW to ALWAYS use the card that my headset is plugged into.

    If you wanted one to come out of one ear and the other out of the other ear. If you can (as papalarge123 mentions and with what I do and set it in each application) get certain apps to use a certain card then all you have to do is split the cable and connect the right channel wires to another 3.5mm jack (on the part that handles the right channel) and the same for the left channel wires and plug then into the cards accordingly. I dont see there being much issue with that. Careful with the soldering iron!
  5. It's technically possible but I cannot see any point to it. Just disable the onboard sound and free up the resources and IRQ. Your sound blaster can handle stereo better than a spliced cable can.

    You sound blaster even has 2 audio outputs

    Maybe you could run 4 sound cards and make your own 7.1 system with no surround sound effects processing.
  6. There is another option,

    a wild card to throw in the works (may not be practicle)

    purchase urself 2 sets of single ear headphones (like what is used in most businesses)

    plug one in to one card, plug the other set into the onboard sound card, and just adjust what app u want comin out of each headset.

    this will give u the required effect that u require.
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