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Hello all,
I have a Sunbeam CCF on the way now and looking for advice on fanplacement.
Currently I have:

1 front bottom 65cfm 120mm Yate Loon Intake
1 Rear 65cfm 120mm Yate Loon Exhaust
1 Top aft 42cfm 120mm (came with case) exhaust
I have one extra masscool 52 cfm 120mm fan not installed.

My case is an NZXT Gamma.
Phenom II X2 550BE, 2 cores only, oc'd to 3.3ghz

Once I install the CCF, would I be better served to move the top exhaust from the aft position, directly above the hsf, to the forward position or would this take flow away from the intake of the CCF fan?
Should I use the Masscool on the bottom side position as a secondary intake or just leave the side grill open as makeup air supply?
Currently my temps on idle are 32c CPU, 29-30c Core temp.
After encoding large 1 to 2 gig videos for burning my max temps are 52c CPU, 47c Core.
Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    You should have a rear exhaust fan too. Put the extra you have on it. Put a good 2000 rpm fan on the heatsink when you get it, most like rear exhaust, but it don't matter a lot since you have top and back.

    Having the top exhaust fan working too will only help more.
  2. Yes I do have the Yate Loon rear exhaust.
    My main concern is with the top exhaust,
    There are 2 possible positions available to me, one top fore and 1 top aft.
    If I keep the fan in the top aft position it will be directly above the CCF once installed.
    If I move it to the top fore position it may take flow away from the intake of the fan on the CCF.
    Im just not sure which way to go with the top fan.
    As for the extra 120mm masscool, I dont have another mounting point in the front of the case, so I am wondering if placing it on the side as an intake would be benificial.
  3. Okay,
    I installed the Core Contact Freezer, added the other fan to the top fore position, and fired it up.
    Ran prime large fft 2 workers for 1 hour and heres the results:

    Temps piror to this at 3.3ghz were:
    CPU 57c
    Core 51c
    A success in my eyes.
    Any thoughts?
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  5. Yep, all better.
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