4 hdds burned

i have a question recently my psu died it was an ocz 600 stealth i thought thats all that happend so i went out and bought a antec 750w true new hooked everything up then it turned on for half a sec then it turns off found out that it was my sata hdds checked and they smelled burned so i thought that my old psu did it i went and bought a 1tb hooked it up turned pc on and it burned that one too so i dont know maibe it was the new psu that burned all of them in the first place could it be the power supply ? but its new also my ide hdds are ok no burning or anything ...my question is can they be burning through the sata connectors not power connectors or is the psu thats doing it ?
what do you guys think about this weird eh?
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  1. Examine all parts for burnt marks. Check for shorts.
    Replace anything with burnt marks.
    Return the antec 750w true for a new one.
    A power supply can destroy a computer. Those ones shouldn't.
  2. only smell is coming from the hdd but i see no damage and shorts at all its weird cause only the sata hdds are burning but not the ide ones im going to be returning the psu today hopefully they'll exchange it for corsair 750 dont want another antec after this
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