8800GTS G80 - 640MB VS 320MB?

Okay, so I got the 320MB version for 80€ and was wonderin' as my grand parents have the 8800GTS 640MB version and obiviously don't need it, would it be worth changing? Is there a big boost in gaming nowadays if I change?

And please, no answers such as:
Put them both in SLI
buy a new pc
Yeah go on.
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  1. if they dont need it exchange it. they're about the same, but if you have high resolution you will love the 640 more.
  2. The two have the same GPU/memory bus so performance is rather similar if there is enough memory however that being the case you'll probably prefer the 640mb for gaming. Most games are written for 512mb video ram for high settings.
  3. do you play in resolutions above 1280x1024?

    if i were you, i'll stick that 640 in yours, and buy a 22" screen for the benefits!
  4. 320 will be fine 1280x1024 for just about everything. 640 wouldn't boost much unless somehow the 320 was beating eaten up by vista
  5. sell both of them and buy a new 9600/8800/9800
  6. not sure but doesnt the 640 have more shaders unlocked?
  7. Alright thanks for the answers, I think I'll stick with the 320mb till I need the 640mb

    And I can manage with 1280x1024 res.

    wh3resmycar said:
    sell both of them and buy a new 9600/8800/9800

    That's pretty much what I ment with answers I'd not like to hear. I can't just steal the GFX card from his computer and then sell both, besides my CPU will get even more bottlenecked with a 9800..
  8. i know what you mean. some people just don't know how to use their glasses right!

    so, what's your cpu like? and how come your grandparents have such an expensive gpu? my grandma can't even handle a dvd-players.
  9. My CPU is S939 3800+ X2 @ 2.45ghz, lol.

    And my grandpa does some 'hard-core' video editing and stuff so all relatives bought a new computer for him. I just built it, I didn't buy the parts but yeah imo the 640mb is too powerful for him as he edits videos and play's solitaire only.
    And no, he's indeed not a pro (or even a regular) with computers.
  10. The G80 does n`t deal too well with AA, so the extra memory of the 640 might help, particularly if you intend to play more demanding games.
    Or you could simply try to compare them on your rig and see which is best at your settings:)
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