Q6600 temp help

Hi I have this computer from hp, m8430f

Basic specs are
q6600 stock (go)
4 gb ram
Motherboard Name: IPIBL-LB

Everyhting is stock, my idle temp on the hottest core is 46-48.

Thats from real temp, speed fan, core temp and everest.

All have same result.

My question is how can I get it down. Pc is maybe a year old but it seems like not to long ago it would idle at around 37.

I've never really taken a cpu, heatsink etc. out so I'm kinda scared to mess with it maybe someone has some pointers??
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  1. My brand new q6600 with the retail intel heatsinkfan combo runs my hottest core at about 43 idle but ive got a mid tower case with a lot of hard drives and a hot running video card too. i wouldnt be too worried about the temps youre getting, they can handle operating even at the 60 range but of course it is not good if they idle that high. your idle is a little higher than normal and the cause of it most often is a bunch of dust accumulated in the heatsink and on the fan. just pop your case open and spray compressed air in a can at the fan and heatsink without taking em out if you dont feel that comfortable and thatll do it. you can find the compressed air at your local electronics stores and walmart, etc. see if that helps, it cant hurt.
  2. Hi welcome to toms forum,

    You are going to need to get a new heatsink & fan (HSF) if you want to get those temps right down (dont worry its a very simple to do ;).

    I recommend getting a Xigmatek HDT-S1283 (And maybe a bolt through retention bracket but this is optional but will be worth it in the long run). Make sure you clean the top of your cpu with alcohol before apply new thermal paste. All up It should cost around $50


    Retention Bracket (Optional & currently out of stock)

    Thermal Compound

    When you get everything PM me and I will talk you through all the steps that are not clear.
  3. Ok so I'll probably try the air first although its pretty clean in there.

    The pc was stored in a closet for a few months while I was staying with family and could have gotten hit because the kids toy box was there also.

    Idk maybe something could have been jarred sure doesnt look like it.

    So fatty35 is there a way to be sure this heat sink or any for that matter will fit in my case.

    There doesnt seem to be a hell of a lot of room in there and I would be bummed to order something that doesnt fit.
  4. Try getting a ruler/tape measure and measure from the base of the HSF to where the side panel is & also measure the free space around it. It should be fine but if their not enough room for breathing room .etc their are good alternatives but that Xigmatek Is pretty much the best cooler you can get for the price.
  5. cool thanks for the help
  6. ok, If you have any further problems just PM me.
  7. So at one point I was idling at about 37. Now its 10 degrees higher.

    I'm going to get some air and blow it out, but if that doesn't work do you think I should try to reseat the cpu and check the thermal paste?

    Or should I just wait until I can buy a cooler?
  8. If I was you I would buy a new HSF because stock ones are crap. You could try cleaning it and re seating the fan but in the long run heat will slowly lower the life of the proc.
  9. ok thanks again
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