P5Qpro turbo +Q9400 OC ,bios settings?

cpum 8 x fsb 400 "333 now" = 3.2 Ghz without a vcore increase will be my first goal.1. The FSB strap setting should be 400 Mhz also ? or auto ? 2.Should i manually set vcore or leave it auto ? 3.My ram is at 5-15,1066 2.0v stable now, i'm thinking its ok to leave it alone for now since its almost 1/1 just a little higher 8500 DDR2 2x2GB gskill " ? Thanks for Help

Q9400 @2.67 GHZ__ Arctic Freezer 7__ P5Q pro turbo__ 4GB DDr2@1066__ 750W Pc power & cooling__ XFX HD 4890 __ Lian-Li K7B__ XP 32
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  1. Successfull 3.2 Ghz by just raising FSB to 400 with low temps of 28* idle, 39-47 under 100% load OCCT test 1 HR .Trying for 1.1875 vcore now .
  2. Pretty good for an ACF7P, by today's standards a barely average cooler.
  3. I'm runnin Q9400 2.67 @3.2Ghz 1.2125 v, 29*idle, 43*avg 100% load 2hr OCCT. .AC7P LOL, i payed $12 for it refurbished T.D. .I almost bought a new cooler but my temps compare well with what ive seen online . 16,717 ..3DMARK 06 budget rig under a grand.Who needs Dell, Gateway, HP, ect. ect....? My Hardware warranty's are free and much longer than 1 yr which is standard for those company's.

    Q9400 2.67 @3.2 GHZ__ Arctic Freezer pro 7__ P5Q pro turbo__Gskill 4GB DDr2 @1066__ 750W Pc power & cooling__ XFX 4890 @900/1000__WD640GB cav blk__ Lian-Li K7B__Acer 23"H233H__ XP 32
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