How to remove motherboard "socket"

hy there please look at this picture
how can i remove that thing,dunno how its called
thank you
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  1. here is the pic
  2. Minase I beleive you are trying to remove the heatsink mount which is what you circled in the picture.on the bootm of the mobo the white pin that fasten in when they are mounted and have spreader pins on the bottom side you should be able to press the pin in to get them to puch back up the top of the mobo
  3. yes the heatsink mount, but the problem is that they are not regular pins,they are composed of 2 parts,i tryed the way you told me before with no success :(
    they white things that go under the mobo have around them those pins you are talking about,but they wont go back no matter how much you shrink them and press.
    thank you for reply
  4. this is how my heatsink mount look

    similar,but the white things have at both end a circle. its like a rotated "H" at 90º
  5. Minase said:
    this is how my heatsink mount look

    similar,but the white things have at both end a circle. its like a rotated "H" at 90º

    ahhhh yes. ok so what it looks like to me from figure 6 from that link you posted is that you have to get the White Pushpins out of the Black Fasteners. When the White Pushpins goes in the Black Fasteners the Black Fasteners get expanded

    I would take much care when doing this. Take a knife with a point ( no butter knife) and try to pry out the white pushpins. I only tell you to do this because of the pictures from the link you sent.

    Good luck and be careful
  6. thank you all for all the help ;) i managed to take them out,i needed to break the white circle and after that to push them through the other worked like a charm.thank you
  7. Quote:
    :o :pfff:

    I have noticed your shameful looks and wanted to ask how you would take the heat skin bracket off based on the fact that it does not seem like a normal push pin thing. He could of asked the people that made his mother board, but well that takes time and is a no brainier to do thus why it was not mentioned by my self at least.
  8. belive me i contacted the manufacter,they are just some asses -.- they refused to help me.
    and no you dont need to be a " no brainer" thats how actually you should take them off,instead it should came out if you pull hard ,but it seems the white pins are just too shabby and the circle at the top break ;) (you know "if it doesn't work in this way,lets do it in that way"
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