Computer freezes with new graphics card

I just installed a new Nvidia GeForce GT220 in my pc and as soon as I start it up it freezes on the HP screen. I even followed all the directions and 'disabled' the integrated one. I thought it may be a power supply thing because its rated for a 300w and I have a 300w, but I did a little googling and saw that a few people had the same problem and a better power supply didnt fix it for them. However I could not get any good help. My PCI express slot was not previously occupied.
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  1. Which HP machine do you have?

    I have heard of newer video cards(which use x16 v2.0.) not working in motherboards that use pci-e x16 v.1.0, even though they are supposed to work.
  2. I have an HP Pavillion a1523w.

    It has an ECS-RC410 motherboard. I have done about everything I possibly could to make it work I even put in a 430W power supply just to make sure, and it still does the same thing.
  3. Ok, I went out and exchanged the nvidia card for a radeon HD 4650 and it works fine. So I guess the answer to my question was that the Nvidia card was clashing with my integrated ATI chip, as the first responder said.
  4. ATI all the way!!
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