The Final Front: The Graphic Card Battle.

Hey people,

I was looking to buy myself a great graphic card in budget. Quick bite on what i do with my pc.
I'm getting a e7200 mostly (or maybe a e8400). I play games like fifa 09, call of duty, far cry. would now venture with playing crysis and more such games. watch movies also. I have a Samsung 22" T220 LCD. Looking to get myself a games with will be able to play these games without the jerks and delays with a good resolution on a 22" LCD and not burn a hole in my pocket at the same time.

Earlier i was suggested the MSI 512 8600GT Overclocked (Silent Cooling) by a friend. When i did a little research and asked you guys at tom's, i was blasted :). Was suggested the Ati Radeon 4850 instead. Now that is in budget. So i wanted to ask you guys, is that a gr8 card to have or is there a better card in the same price range like maybe the Nvidia 9800 GT. or is the Ati Radeon 4850 the card to get, especially in the budget. Please do let me know. need to get it asap.

Just one more thing, is the ati 4850 good overall on power consumption and noise. i mean i hope it is not a noisy card and power wise it is efficient.

And for some strange reason i was told to get a Nvidia card as all the games are optimized for the Nvidia architecture. Help me out.

Thanx a ton.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)
    Dont even think of 8600GT :D its not a high end card,HD 4850 blows it away ;) definitely go for it,well the noise isnt very much and with a good PSU u will be fine.

    Games optimized for Nvidia,u mean the "The way its meant to be played" in some games ? well thats more advertising.
  2. The 4850 is an excellent choice. I was about to buy one, myself, until I saw the gtx260 for $200 (after taxes, shipping, and rebates .. I have little faith in that rebate, though, so maybe I should say 240). With all the sales right now, you can probably get a great deal - if you can't get a great deal on the 4850, try looking for a gtx 260 or a 4870. The 9800 is a good card, too, but I would stick with the other cards mentioned, unless your budget is very tight.

    Most games do have a "preference" for (that is, they are optimized for) either ATI or NVIDIA. Unless you're a hard-core gamer with a favorite title, I wouldn't worry about that.
  3. MAZIAR is right, overall the HD4850 is about the best card for medium rez.
    The standard single-slot cooler has come in for a lot of flak so I`d suggest buying one with a twin-slot cooler if your budget can reach, if not use the CCC to increase the fan speed to keep things nice and chilly.
  4. hey people,

    im looking to get a Ati 4850. i had an option for the 9800GTX but it is very expensive. now just one question, does the ati 4850 have problems, like drivers and for games and things like that.please let me know. wanna get it.?
  5. Its a very good card and performs very well.
  6. coozie7 said:
    I`d suggest buying one with a twin-slot cooler if your budget can reach, if not use the CCC to increase the fan speed to keep things nice and chilly.

    ^^^^^ absolutely! :)
  7. um maziar that is not advertising, the games displaying htat are optimized for the nvidia engine, just like source engined games are optimized for ati, as is 3Dmark.
  8. TWIMTBP is as much adverstising as you can get. Im not sure howd you say its not, because if it wasnt, then thered be mo stickers/intro in games etc. Its optimizations too, but if its on the package, its adverstising
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