Recovery disc on new hard drive?

Hello, I've got a ~4 year old Toshiba laptop that while it has modest capabilities, serves my needs as a road and backup computer well, except for the 60G HD that is just too small. I do have a "Recovery" disc for it, still sealed in plastic, can I use that to install XP on the new HD? I see conflicting info on that and yes I have searched. I also have a full OEM copy of XP for my desktop and a new and unused Acrois True Image 11. The computer is running well, I have minimal software installed on it, so no issue there, I just want more HD space.
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    just plug in the hard drive and save the old one, if your install fails you can always plug the old drive back in.
    do u have an IDE connector? the jumpers on the new drive may need to be set, it is better to get the tech manual for the drive from the drive manufacturer

    I think your recovery disk from the manufacturer has a better chance of working, hopefully it will allow formatting the new drive. But you can't tell what they gave you until you open it and run it.
  2. I was hoping to figure out if it would work before I bought a new one... :( It's neither a necessity nor a fortune, but I was hoping not to spend ~60 on a brick.
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