IEEE 802.3ad routers?

I recently bought a new motherboard that has a feature called "teaming" where i can use the two on board ethernet ports as a single connection. In the motherboard manual it says i need an IEEE 802.3ad compatible router, but the only ones i could find were 802.3 or 802.3u. Are those the same as 802.3ad? I was looking at this one in particular:
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  1. 802.3 is wired network
    802.11 is wireless network.
    802.3ad is link aggregation -

    I can't tell if that router would do it or not.

    Only thing I found at Newegg that supports 802.3ad are switches -
  2. Hmm... this is a bit confusing. Some things seem to give the impression that 802.3 and 802.3ad are just interchangeable names for the same thing. It also seems like from every setup ive seen used in an example, switches are used to set it up and not routers.
  3. NIC teaming/trunking is a switch concept.

    To a consumer, a (SOHO) router means a device that you hook up to ISP modem and your PCs to its ports. In reality, it is a combined device: NAT, switch, DHCP server, wireless.

    If you want to utilize 802.3ad, set up a dedicated router. Hook it up to 802.3ad capable switch and hook up your PC to your switch. Usage of 802.3ad in your case is limited to your internal network, i.e gaming purposes. It doesn't make sense for Internet usage since your bandwidth is limited by your ISP speeds.
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