Would I need a different fan,heatsink, or cooler for a P4 in Dell E510

Would I need a new different fan, heatsink, or cooler for a P4 in Dell Dimension E510? I looked in my computer case and I think I see the CPU (It is a black square with the word intel on top of it, you might be able to see it in the URL below, it is just above the red ATI Graphics Card). Is that the CPU? If so. I do not see any kind of cooling devices on it. I see no grease or fan on it. Should I buy one? Would it increase my machines performance? If that is not the CPU where in the world is it? Are there cooling devices I do not see? Sorry guys for the dumb question but I do not know nothing about computers. Thank you for reading. Here is a picture of a Dell E510 below I found on google images. It is just like my machine. If you guys can, can you give me a inexpensive cooling system that might work my machine if it will help increase my caming performance.

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  1. hehe thanks for the giggles there,

    and no thats not ur CPU. ur CPU will be under that giant plastic black thing which will be diverting the air out your case.

    as for improving preformance check ur tempretures by downlaoding speed fan as long as they aint like over 60 constantly then the only way to improve preformance by getting a beter cooler would be to get the cooler and over clock the CPU

    however as its a Dell they will have locked the bios so u cant OC it, in shot as long as the CPU is not running really hot dont bother getting a new heat sink and fan as you all ready have one.

    second dont buy a dell in future go to a local PC guy and tell him you want to learn how to make a PC it will be worth it in the long run :)
  2. I thank you. I learned my lesson. this was my first computer. i am just trying to learn as much as i can before i build a good machine myself. thx again.
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