Does 4870X2 Physics Processing?

Sorry for asking a fairly dumb question but does the 4870x2 have onboard dedicated physics like the GTX 280 PhysX? I want a 4870X2 but want to make sure I don't make a wrong decision when spending alot of money? I can't see anywhere on the ATi spec where it says there is support?
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  1. Not as of yet, they claim it is coming and Nvidia claims they are going to help with the implementation. Strange no?

    For now, very few games(i am not saying none) get a noticeable boost in eye candy with PhysX.
  2. Nope, no physx for ATI cards.They say it's coming for Radeon cards, then they say it's not. The real question is, with so little benefit for physx, who cares?
  3. i +1'd megaman and stranger cause, there isn't an onboard physx, and it really only turns on some brilliantly useless eyecandy

    for games that NEED physx such as half-life, the game comes with its own implementation. nothing you really need to worry about. just get the card, you shouldn't be dissappointed
  4. It could in the future, but so few games use Physx that it's a non issue.
  5. i agree with all th previous posters. not card has a dedicated physics processor, and so games use it that who cares. even the games that do use it show little improvement/benefit from it. physics processing is going to need some time and a standard API before it goes mainstream.
  6. Thanks for your posts
  7. well PhysX is gonna be useless once OpenCL is adopted. and it will be. prepare for a revolution in computing people!
  8. well, i too thought that physx doesnt do a crap, but after buying an nvidia 9800 gt today i saw the option to enable it, so i did..

    well guys... after launching Dawn of war 2 beta-demo i was amazed!! there is surely great change in physics.. every movement in game is very natural, ragdoll physics, particles, smoke etc.. its all VERY realistic.
    I've been playing the same game 2 weeks now with my old (but strong 8800GTX) with no physx and the diference today was VERY OBVIOUS!

    i didnt beleive in physx but it seems it does a great job at realism..
  9. The 8800GTX does PhysX too :p

    Too bad Nvidia and Ati just bashed PhysX when it was released. That slowed the full PhysX thing down allot. In the end Nvidia does what? Buy the company to get the technology they once claimed was junk.

    They need an open standard for this so EVERYONE gets there physx fix.
  10. it does? i probably didnt have the latest driver or something cause i didnt see the option to enable it anywhere
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