Samsung F3EG HD203WI vs Western Digital Green WD20EARS

Hi guys. I need to upgrade to a 2TB internal hard drive.

To be used for:
-HTPC media
-not a primary drive
-needs be be quiet and low power consumption
-reliable, low failure rates
-should offer the best price point on the value/$ curve

The two drives I've identified are:
-Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARS 2TB 64MB ($140)
-SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3EG HD203WI 2TB 5400 RPM 32MB ($140)

Both are identical in price, in fact, most 2TB are identical in price these days. Can someone recommend a drive that will suit my needs. I just want to get the best bang for my buck.

Thanks! :bounce:
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  1. Definately go for the F3 IMO. The WD Caiviar Greens are much slower, but more energy effecient.
  2. Ok thanks Starges. Yeah, for the same price, I need to compare performance vs $/mb. Speed is obviously important, but I want to the drive to be reliable, quiet and run cool with low energy consumption. I should have made a poll!
  3. Anyone else?
  4. Thanks. I do think the Sammy comes out higher, but was curious to know if people have actually used these drives in Windows 7 and what the results were performance wise.
  5. Haha.. Nice name ''Sammy'' never actually heard someone refer to it that way. :lol:
  6. Starges said:
    Definately go for the F3 IMO. The WD Caiviar Greens are much slower, but more energy effecient.

    Incorrect. He listed the F3 EcoGreen drive, not the regular F3, so they're both equally slow :lol:
  7. For a HTCP and non-primary drive, how much speed do you really need? If it is for video, it is sequential reads. I bet the drive can output faster than you can watch a video. I'd go for the drive that saves the most energy, quiet, lowest temp, least expensive.
  8. Hello, if you going to buy 4-8 or more drives for RAID 5(1,10);
    better F3EG HD203WI 2TB 5400 RPM 32MB,
    becouse it's possible change TLER/ERC/CCTL and LCC too.
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