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Need help in getting my computer that i built from spare parts to boot.
i installed all the hardware according too schematics from intel on the mother board, and installed all hardware, drive, roms, memory, now my problem is getting the coomputer too boot up . when i try to start up the computer all i get a beeps and then nothing. i can hear the drives working and there aint no sparks so i can assume that everything is correctly installed but it wont boot. can anyone tell me what too do next
in this query ? i am trying too build a computer for a needie child who is paralized from birth defects and this would be the best type of communicator for his world... help help help
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  1. first off are the beeps the right beeps if yes - then its the video card - it might be a loose conection. you be suprised you using a dvi to analog connecto crank it down

    second discont all the drives and just boot the mobo with gpu of coarse ram

    nothing? no bios post then swap the video card

    nothing? then its the cpu and bios most likely - maybe the cpu is not comptible with bios

    did you use an old cpu in a new mobo? or reverse? if you have a new cpu and old mobo you need a bios update!

    good luck!
  2. its like i said i installed and built this cpu from spare parts, mother board with a pentium 4 (1.7) processor, vanta tnt 2m64 agp video card, pc100 memory sticks, there is a 60 and a 40 g hard drive installed making the the 40 the mule. so thats where i am , and cant get any further till i figure out what too do next ... thanks for responding ....
  3. hey dude.
    hows the beep goes? Is it "long" beep, if it is, then its the RAM, try to test it for another RAM. Or does the beep is "3 shorts" beep? then try to test it through another videocard. Or does it beeps "multiple of very short" beeps? then check your processor's pins. gudLuck!
  4. i wanna say its the 3 short beeps , so then i guess ill have too see exactly ill post back as soon as i find out thanks for responding
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