Media Server vs NAS, benefits?

I'm really new to the world of network attached storage and media servers, but I'm trying to weigh the benefits of one or the other.

Here is what I know:
NAS: hard drives in an enclosure that has an ethernet port. It's recognized in your system as another hard drive, shared between multiple computers (whoever else is on the network). Typically, its only a wired setup although some wireless NAS enclosures exist.

Media Server:... the same thing with its own processor? I guess?

My question is why would I want a Media Server over a NAS for all my videos and such? If I have a NAS with my videos on it, I can watch them all the same as I could from a media server right?
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  1. You can do the same on both, but the media server has a few added benefits.

    On a media server you can RAID the drives so that you don't lose any data when a drive fails. Also, I believe the media server has a vpn connection, therefore you can access your data from the internet if needed.
    All of this is possible because the media server has its own small OS installed on it.
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