Best 5.1 headphones for music/gaming

i need a 5.1 headphone. not headset. im looking for something around 100-150 bucks. anyone help me out is great. thanks!
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  1. this is tough since it is rare many people try them all

    i would stick with old guys like seenheiser, research it bose we know them for the blocking technolgy, but logitech may not swing it for golden ears

    i hear seenheiser has some nice 5.1's but i have not tried them
  2. can u tell me some 5.1's thanks!
  3. since ur so rich i didn't have so much money for this one so i went for a cheaper one

    Believe this is the best for the money and i tried it in the shop very very comfortable.
  4. olddman said:

    Cool - I just ordered one.
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