Does anyone have information about 2nd cpus on pci card?


Does anyone have information as to where I can get a second cpu on a regular PCI card? I want to have 2 cpus recognized by windows xp.

My main CPU: Intel Pentium 3 2.86 ghz

AOPEN motherboard

Thank you.
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  1. There is no such thing as a CPU mounted on a PCI card. You may be thinking of the old slot mounted CPU's where the processors was on a card that fit into a slot on the motherboard as opposed to the current socket mounting method. Slot mounted processors haven't been made in years as processors now require more contacts than can be reasonably put on a card for a slot interface.

    If you want two CPU's to be recognized by windows you will need to buy a new motherboard and a dual core processor. This will be recognized as two logical CPU's by windows.
  2. As already said you can't just add another CPU. You don't even seem to know what you have at the moment as they didn't make a PIII that fast!
  3. as the engineer pointed out, you may thinking of slot mounted CPUs, like this one:
  4. Actually, way back in the days of the 386DX i think it may have been RM numbus released a m/b that had a slot in cpu extension, but i cant ermember the details
  5. Yup - I had one - PCI CPU expansions used to be available back when the PCI bus wasn't too taxed by CPU throughput.

    I would imagine now though unless you have a legacy application that requires specific hardware, you need to look at a modern multi-core cingle CPU for performance upgrades.
  6. I remember those back in the day, but that was pre-pentium.
    also Risk based systems had a similar design.
    but the PCI and even PCIX and PCI-e are not fast enough in the BUS to be able to handle the speeds of the pentiums and above.

    i do believe that they may be producing a similar design for servers in the future for CPU expansions of multi CPU, but this is not available just yet.
  7. Actually there were motherboards with two separate cpus powered by two psu's. The psu's were mounted directly onto the motherboard. They were designed specifically for servers and used in corporate networks. At the time dual core and quad core cpu's did not exist and they certainly weren't intended for home use.

    We just had a thread a few days ago over in the psu section of the forum asking about dual psu's for a similar system.
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