PCIE spread spectrum AUTO ??

I GOT ASUS P5QL PRO, E5300, 2GB KINGSTON and xfx260gtx be. my board not detecting the card in pciexpress slot..my bios sittings are

Load line calibration - auto ???
PCIE Spread Spectrum - auto ???


MY card xfx 260gtx black edition is 666mhz, 1004mhz shaders, 2300mhz memory speed(OVERCLOCKED VERSION) .. should i change PCIE spread spectrum and load line calibration to disable ? then pci express slot ll detect it or not ??

( card is ok working on frind p5kpl cm board and E4600 )
( board is ok worked with 3 different cards )
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  1. These settings are correct, leave them on auto. They have nothing to do with your problem anyway.
    You need check under the chipset settings and make sure you have selected PCI first for your display.
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