Undetested DVD/CD RW drivers

Aloha, I just installed a new CPU(AMD Phrnom II 2.5g. quad core 65W AM3 socket)My motherboard supports AM3 up to 65W (max)My problem is that now my DVD/CD'S that are connected internally to the IDE BUS aren't detected,but my external sony DVD/CD RW drive and all other perifferals are working properly.I've done the regedit 32.exe/delete upper/lower filters and used a diognostic tool on another site,nothing seems to work.I've changed the IDE cable,checked for proper seating and pin orientation.Does anyone have a solution for me?
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  1. JackNaylorPE said:

    Thanx!!! We're never wrong,we just let them think that we accept their notion that we are!
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