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I have a Samsung LN-S2651D. It is a LCD HDTV with 16:9 ratio, 1366x678, VGA output and HDMI. I am planning to get a new graphics card, and would like to ask if i am better off with
1) HD graphics card and connect to the tv via dvi-hdmi (will that even work? I'm not so great with computers.)
2) Any other graphics card via dvi with the vga adapter on the tv's end.

Also, any suggestions for graphics cards less than $100? Thanks.
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  1. 1 would work the best.

    you don't want to send an analog signal if your tv supports digital...
  2. thanks for the quick reply :wahoo: Any recommended HD cards? Around 100? Preferably less?
  3. ummm hd 4830? it has sound through hdmi.
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