EU presses forward with Intel case

EU presses forward with Intel case

Appeal to stall antitrust case denied

Written by Shaun Nichols in San Francisco, 29 Jan 2009

Intel's attempt to push back its EU anti-trust case with AMD has been struck down.

The European Commission's Court of First Instance declined the company's request to delay the proceedings in order to give Intel further time to respond.

Intel had initially been given an October deadline to file a response to the anti-trust charges lobbied at the company by AMD. Shortly after the deadline passed, Intel filed an appeal asking the court to allow the company more time for a response.

The decision opens the door for the EU to go ahead with the antitrust case between the two chipmakers.

The case stems from accusations filed by AMD claiming that over the first half of the decade Intel had illegally offered discounts to vendors who agreed to favor Intel's chips or stop offering systems that contained AMD processors.

Both sides have been locked in off-and on anti-trust battles in courts worldwide over the matter of Intel's competitive practices since 2005.
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  1. it obvious the EU thinks it can balance it budget suing usa companies like intel and MS

    we should sue the champagne region of France for anit competitive behavior or parma cheese or feta ... EU loves to protect there assets and steal ours by forcing stupid things like this.

    big deal intel says use our stuff only and we give you a rebate - who cares
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