Good Build?? $1,200 buget

Here are the specs to my first build. I am a nvidia fan so don't try and get me interested into an ATI. Dual core is what a pefer, dont ask me why. I live in Canada, I don't really like, personal preference.

Case COOLER MASTER RC-690 $88.99

PSU Corsair 650W $124.99

CPU Intel Core 2 Duo e8400 3.0Ghz $185.99

ASUS P5N-D 750i SLI DDR2 $169.99

Corsair Dual Channel XMS2 4gb ddr2 800MHz $102.99

GPU eVGA 9800gtx+ 512mb $239.50

Hard Drive Hitachi Deskstar P7K500 500gb 7200rpm $69.99

DVD-RW/CD-RW LG 22x SATA $29.99

OS Windows Home Premuim 64bit W/ service pack 1 $137.99

Keyboard Logitech Black PS/2 cable black $12.99

Logitech SBF-90 Black $7.99

Logitech X-240 $42.99

$1,204 Canadian Total. WO/shipping+tax.

What do you think???
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  1. It's all good except for the nVidia chipset ;)

    We just don't recommend SLI boards around here, unless you already own an nVidia card. Best to go with X38 or P45 and a 4850.

    More detailed reasoning in my sig, as well as some parts recommendations.
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