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So I have two HDs in my computer, one has my OS (win7) on it and one has extra files on it. The one with the extra files on on used to have windows 7 on it while my current OS drive previously had XP on it. I formatted the XP drive and put windows 7 (what I have now) on that then wiped the other windows 7 drive to put the extra files on. The problem is that when I start my computer the dual boot menu comes up saying

Windows 7
Windows 7

I don't understand why it keeps recognizing the other drive has having windows 7 on if I reformatted it and put files on it which would have written over them. How can I remove the dual boot menu so I automatically boots to my OS drive and doesn't ask which one. I tryed the boot menu in BIOS but I don't think that worked. Is there anyway to fix it without removing the extra files from the non os drive?
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    Open msconfig, go to the bootloader tab, and delete the OS that is no longer on your system, save, exit (you may have to restart).
  2. thanks that worked perfectly!
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