Would a hyper 212 plus fit in a cm 690 case?

That and I have the mobo asus p7p55d.Also do you think it will fit with 2 corsir dominator sticks.
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  1. Will fit no problem with room to spare it shouldn't over lap your ram at all you will have no problems
  2. Thanks. ;)
  3. The answer to your original question is yes. A Coolermaster Hyper 212+ will fit inside a Coolermaster 690 pc case.

    The answer to your question about Corsair Dominator memory is it depends. The memory modules have the extra tall heatspreaders. If a module is inserted into the memory slot closest to the cpu socket, the tall heatspreader will interfere with the cpu heatsink. Since you are only installing two memory modules you can probably insert them in the memory slots furthest away from the cpu socket. Check your motherboard manual for additional information about the memory slots and which ones you can use for proper operation.
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