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What i did was sell my ddr2 setup and was all hyped up about getting ddr3 mobo and ram. Figured out that it wasnt worth it from what I had seen for 150-200 bux more. The latencies are too high on ddr3 and the memory busses arent ready for the speeds quite yet. I dedcided to go back to DDr2. So i bought the evga 780I FTW man I wish they would come out with a bios update for, 0cz 1000w Elite XStream, 2x2g 1066mhz reaper, and a 9800GT. My EVGA 780i non ftw, 8800gts 320mb g80, 4x1g 800mhz reaper, 550w psu is what i got rid of. All of this is running with 2x74g raptors 16mb cache raid 0, E8500 cpu, 22" widescreen, custom water cooled system, XP pro 32bit. I tried vista ultimate 64 and noticed the games loaded alot quicker than xp pro 32. The graphics card I can see a diference in running it in games. So i have this 125 dollars coming back in rebates as long as i get them. But what do i do? Do i get another 9800gt or use the step up program and the cash im getting back and get a faster single gpu. Paid 124 dollars b4 the rebate for the card. So Im figuring with cash i get back and step up i will have round 250 bux give or take. So the ? is 9800gt sli for a while 6 months to 1 year. or a faster single card up to 250 or 270 bux from the evga site. I try to run at 1680x1050 res. I usually turn the quality down a notch or so to get better rendering. Im a speed junky verses quality.
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  1. what?
  2. ^+1 I, We have no idea what you are trying to say. Please orginize your thoughts and make a replay. Make solid questions IE.

    What is better 9800Gt sli setup or a single card like the GTX260?

    If what i understood is correct you have $250 to buy a video card. This is a great card for the money GTX 260 great scores across the board.
  3. Let me see if my interpreting skills are working tonight.

    I was thinking about moving to DDR3, then decided against it. I sold my EVGA 780i non ftw, 8800gts 320mb g80, 4x1g 800mhz reaper, 550w psu, and bought the eVGA 780I FTW, OCZ 1kW Elite Xstream PSU, 4GBs of 1066 Reaper ram, and a 9800GT. I kept my two 74GB raptors in an AID0 array, my E8500 CPU, and my 22" LCD. Cooling is handled by my own water cooling system.

    Some of the parts that I bought included a rebate, which I hope to get back even though one rebate company is going out of business. I hope to be getting $125 back through the rebates. The question is should I use the step up program and the rebate money to get a single faster GPU, or buy another 9800GT and run it in SLI?

    After spending to much time retyping the original post and not enough thinking about the problem, I say spend it on something else. The rebate money and the 9800GT will only get you to the GTX260. A good card, but you already have something that will handle 16x10. (a 9800GTX would have been a better idea.)
  4. ty for the retype. alot of thoughts compiled sorry for that. my ? is another 9800gt in sli. or a faster video card with step up Nvidia 260 with a 216 core or sumthing else for my system that is round 125 bux. and if it is sumthing else then what? I also use onboard sound.
  5. It is spelled "something", not "sumthing". Also, is "bux" some African currency? How much is 125 bux in dollars? When you start a new sentence after a period you should start with a capital letter.
  6. shouldnt there be 2 spaces after a sentence as well? Ty for the grammar education. I was looking for advice here. If you can not give me advice then please dont post on this thread ty in advance
  7. I still stick with my original idea. Get the 9800GTX, spend the rest of the rebate money on something else. You're only talking 16x10 here, you don't need a lot of power.
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