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my conection speed is 100mb/s...everything was fine till i noticed a change on 5th or 6th of april....couldnt get over 15kb/s since then i'm freakin out how can i fix this?
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  1. I doubt your Internet connection is 100 Mbps. Did you try rebooting your cable/DSL modem? If so, call your ISP.

  2. I'm taking a wild guess and assuming you're torrenting and are used to 100+ KB/s, and now your ISP has capped torrents at 15KB/s, try changing the port.

    Maybe I'm guessing wrong entirely though.
  3. if you can't get get over 15kb/s, get a new ISP, because that's obviously a terriable ISP

    it's that simple.
  4. There's a difference between bits and bytes. 100 megabit is not the same as 100 megabyte.

    You probably meant 100KB per second, which is 1 megabit. If you get any lower either you have a bad ISP or you have a bad setup (lots of background downloading/uploading like a trojan horse or P2P application with unlimited upload running).
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