Overclocking a PhII 925 on an ASUS mobo

Hey guys, I have an ASUS M4A785-M and a PhII 925 C2 with a Corsair H50. Currently I have 3.78GHz (270x14) stable @ 1.55v but I was hoping to get some more out of it. My idle temps are ~30C and my load temps are 52C. Can I safely raise my vcore higher since my temps are still good? or would I damage it from overvolting?
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    ive been told that after 1.5 you start causing problems with cpu overtime im not talking its going to die tomorrow but it will shorten your cpu lifespan theoretically and after 1.6 i would be wary of keeping it as a stable setup do to the high voltage. then again if you plan on upgrading in the next year then it might live til you are ready for a new cpu. dont quote me if it dies.
    hope this helped and sorry for no one replying earlier
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