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I was looking in to overclocking my e6300, but I was checking the temp today (no overclocking done yet at all) and I realized the temps are running at 80C, I 'm using coretemp, and i've used another prog before a year or so ago and I remember it running this high before, I just had forgotten. After doing a little bit of research, I realize that this is quite high, especially because this is when the cpu is merely idling. What should I do to start reducing temperature? The pc was made probably 3 summers ago, and I am probably investing in a new one this summer so I do not want to spend much money on it. What can reduce the temps substantially without much money spent?
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  1. Here's the image of coretemp

  2. OMG!

    3 years running at that temp? I cant believe it even runs anymore... Re-seat the cooler and put some new thermal paste on...the temps should be more like 40c idle.

    You also may want to invest in a new cooler. The core contact freezer would be a nice buy. It is really cheap and kicks a$$.
  3. alright i figured reseating and thermal paste would do the job, i'm gonna try that firs,t should i go out and get arctic silver or can i just get some normal thermal paste? i'm REALLY strapped for cash, lol
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