Biostar t55 raid setup

well, i installed raid 0,its been awhile since i have ,,,but it was not on the biostar t5xe cfx-sli bord i wanted too....i put it on a gigabyte 790 amd chipset board....anyhow, the problem was the third party driver install when installing windows 7.....would this file be on the disk that came with the board, like maybe in the boot file?

raid 0 seems to just make my computer run better,, its a difference that gives me a feeling of making my rig peform better
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  1. ronss said:
    well, i installed raid 0...SNIP...but it was not on the biostar t5xe cfx-sli bord i wanted too....

    This board has RAID just fine. It is Intel RAID. Set it to RAID in BIOS, restart, then enter RAID menu by hitting ctrl-I. Setup your RAID volume there. Works fine.
  2. i got raid setup on my amd board,,,790 chipset...the f6 drivers, it was the bootdrv-750 folder......where are the raid drivers on the cdrom for the biostar board?
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